Shell lubeCoach

The technical services that consist of training and up-skilling programme.


Shell lubecoach is a customised training programme designed to give your employees the knowledge they need to make informed decisions that result in longer lubricant and component life. Experts with substantial seagoing experience deliver this programme. The workshop-based training provides practical insight into best practices distilled from the shell global network.

Shell Lubecoach Topics Commonly Include:

  • storage and handling
  • health and safety
  • marine application of lubricants
  • shell lubeanalyst
  • cylinder drain oil monitoring
  • environmentally acceptable lubricants

Shell lubeAnalyst

Formerly known as shell rapid lubricants analysis, shell lube analyst offered used oil and equipment monitoring service.

Many leading shipping companies use shell lubeanalyst as an important part of their planned and predictive maintenance strategies to help deliver:

  • Greater equipment reliability and reduced downtime through early diagnosis of potential faults
  • Accurate and timely results worldwide: analysis for all normal samples is available within two
  • Working days of the samples reaching the shell laboratory
  • Lower machine repair costs
  • High safety standards
  • Precise monitoring of operating efficiency

Used oil and equipment monitoring

Shell lubeanalyst is an oil condition monitoring service that helps to ensure that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical. This service is designed to help save money and time on maintenance.

  • Our service covers every type of vessel machinery.
  • Your samples are analysed by a multidisciplinary team of marine and lubricant experts when you opt for the plus or pro service.
  • We provide local-language reports and web systems.

Shell LubeAdvisor

Using the right oil can significantly improve your operations

Shell lube advisors help you use the right shell oil, at the right time, every time. By helping you on-site to improve the lubrication and maintenance practice of your equipment and vehicles, significant benefits can be achieved, increasing productivity, limiting downtime, and providing you with a competitive advantage.

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