Shell Lubricants for Mining

Thanks to many years of collaboration with leading companies in the mining sector, Shell Lubricants experts have acquired a very good understanding of your industrial challenges. They use their knowledge and experience to design cutting-edge products and services, perfectly suited to your business, ultimately helping you increase your bottom line.

Listening To Your Needs

Are the lubricants you are using suitable for harsh operating conditions? At Shell, we fully understand the fact that you constantly want to optimize the use of your equipment by striving to lower the associated production and maintenance costs, knowing full well that you are undoubtedly facing difficult conditions. In regions which are themselves difficult to access. The choice of lubricants for your equipment is all the more crucial for your mining activities.

Whether you want to reduce your maintenance costs, extend the life of your equipment by strengthening the protection of the internal components of the machines you use, or even improve your operational efficiency while using less fuel, we have the solution for it. We thus have a product portfolio that includes high-performance, long-life engine oils, greases specially designed for heavy mining equipment, and high-performance, energy-efficient lubricants.

Unearthing the way forward in unforgiving conditions

The mining industry is tough. People and machines work side by side in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Yet the sector is primed for a leap forward. Larger mines are leading the way, by adopting new technologies - and beginning to raise the bar for the rest of the industry.

Still, many managers of mining operations must focus so much on the basics of keeping their operation going that it is hard for them to think about anything else. For mines and businesses of all sizes to work smarter, more sustainably – and still increase output, you need a trusted partner that can get to you, wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Discover end-to-end solutions that help maximise profit and minimise negative impact.

Mining companies have a lot to deal with, while trying to upgrade their equipment and evolve their organisations.
We are an end-to-end solutions provider that empowers your business to unearth new ways to move forwards. And do so in a way that maximizes profit and minimizes negative impact. We have long-standing relationships with leading mining equipment manufacturers, and through our services portfolio we have delivered $174 million in benefits to industrial customers. As the world’s leading lubricants supplier globally we have the technical expertise to work closely with you, and keep your excavators, miners, drills, and crushers working efficiently.

Helping mining companies meet the goal of maximising productivity to reduce costs, while also improving safety

At Shell, we have worked closely with the maintenance teams of many mining companies. The biggest challenges are often around maintaining equipment, producing more with that equipment and keeping workers safe. This puts added pressure on maintenance teams to extend the life of machinery – for which a smart lubricant strategy can make all the difference.

However, our research shows two thirds of companies believe an investment in lubrication will reduce costs by five per cent, when in fact the real value of investing in lubricants is six times larger – saving up to 30 per cent of the total maintenance budget. For example, upgrading to a higher quality lubricant means you can immediately extend oil drain intervals from day one, shaving a chunk off the total cost of ownership.

Our LubeExperts understand the intricacies of each individual piece of mining equipment, as well as how it interacts with lubricants. This allows them to help mining companies meet the goal of maximising energy efficiency and productivity.

Find out how to lower total cost of ownership through better lubrication

Reducing costs is vital in today’s mining environment. Too many customers are increasingly relying on their equipment to simply work harder. This means vehicles machinery are running for longer periods at a time, with heavier loads, against steeper inclines. All to drive maximum productivity for the business.

In the short term, pushing equipment harder can boost productivity, but long term, the impact on equipment life, oil drain intervals, and the risk of unplanned downtime can create real problems for mining operations. As maintenance expenditure increases, any benefit in the short term has not only been lost, but thoroughly reversed.

World-class expertise in producing and managing lubricant programs can reduce the total maintenance budget by a remarkable 30% each year. While lubricants generally account for a not insignificant five per cent of total maintenance expenditure, when applied based on world-class expertise in producing and managing lubricant programs, they can reduce the total maintenance budget by a remarkable 30 per cent each year.

There are two processes that are key to achieving this kind of reduction in the total cost of ownership in mining:

  • The first is to use the most appropriate lubricant solution for each type of equipment;
  • The second is to practice effective lubricant management.

Shell’s expertise in these areas has enabled mining customers worldwide to release millions of dollars of savings through better lubrication.

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