Assistance from Shell Technical team Goes a Long Way

NKK Express embarked on an Oil Drain Interval (ODI) project in collaboration with the Shell technical team to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The results proved that the Rimula R4X (CL-4, E7, DHD 1) was still fit for use at 20 000kms, which meant more uptime for the buses on the road.

Furthermore, the use of Shell Lube Coach (Link to the page on the website) enhanced the customer’s lubrication knowledge ensuring the best lubrication maintenance was practiced throughout.

Maintaining a fleet that is always operational is critical to NKK Express’ operation. Therefore, the choice of the right lubricant plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective. Minimizing downtime and preventing breakdowns are essential for seamless operations. We are delighted to have supported NKK Express in meeting its efficiency objective.

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